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What is a mastermind and how do I become part of it?
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Hey, Amberly Here!

I am so happy you’re here!

The one thing you have that no one else has is YOU. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision..

The one thing you have that no one else has is YOU. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision..

I’m here to help you leave your mark by sharing your message with the WORLD!

Every day I meet amazing women with incredible stories—in fact we all have stories and experiences that audiences can relate to. But…most don’t know where or how to get started sharing them!

We need more powerhouse women bringing the thunder to stages, becoming top podcasters and writing bestselling books!

We need more women leading panels, creating videos that go viral and using their voices to change the world for the better!

That’s why I created the UNSTOPPABLE Life Mastermind!

I am passionate about YOU! Especially if you have a message, but you don’t feel like you have the influence or the income you want YET.

This is your time to uncover your power, share your experience and make a bigger income by making an impact!

The Unstoppable Life Mastermind

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Client Success Stories

Who Is Amberly Lago And How Can She Help Me?


AMBERLY LAGO Hi! I’m Amberly! Just 5 years ago, I didn’t even own a laptop, but I had a dream of writing a book. I had never done public speaking and had no social media following. Truthfully, I barely even knew how to post anything on Instagram.

Fast forward to today, I have done a TEDx talk featured on TED, and I get booked to speak every week and was even featured in USA Today as “Top 8 Influential Speakers.”

I have appeared on The TODAY Show, The Doctors TV, Hallmark, and in Heath and Shape Magazine. I was featured as the “Top 30 Coaches” in NYC Magazine and featured in Forbes on “How Resilience Can Help You Thrive.”

I have a bestselling book, a podcast ranked Global Top 1% on Apple and grew my following on Instagram from 201 to over 230K and being verified!

I can show you the way because I figured it out!

And more importantly, I’m having the impact, feeling the influence, and experiencing the income beyond my wildest dreams!

I want that for you! You will be surprised how fast it can be done when you have the right strategies and you are around the right people!


Greg Reid, Rory Vaden, AJ Vaden, Mitch Matthews, Jordan Mendoza, Lou Diamond, Justin Schenck, Dr. Rewire, Marc Champagne, Erica Lippy, Brooke Hemingway, Sarah D’Laine, Samantha Harris, And so many more…..


When you join the UNSTOPPABLE Life Mastermind, you will tell me three things:

1. Your income GOAL
2. Your Personal Development and Health GOAL
3. Your Influence GOAL

Then I will open up my playbook and share all my secrets and systems you need to execute High Performance Pillars so you can have unshakable confidence, skyrocket your influence and level up your life and business.

And if THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE MASTERMIND can’t help you level up your income, impact and influence you get a full refund.

In other words,

Your investment comes with a 100% love it or get your money back guarantee!

I believe if I can’t help you level up I don’t deserve your hard earned money!

I’m here to time-collapse your financial success goals, self development and level up your life and business! Or your money back!


➔ Your debut on the UNSTOPPABLE Success Summit Stage with top speakers in the industry.
➔ A beautifully edited video of your talk for your speaking reel or social media.
➔ Professional photos of you on stage looking like a rockstar.
➔ Two extra photo sessions with the client’s preferred photographer for year-round social media content.
➔ Two in-person mastermind meetings at the client’s home or another beautiful location for deeper connections.
➔ VIP access to all events.
➔ Mentorship with the client and introductions at events she speaks at.
➔ A welcome box valued at $350 to express appreciation.


➔ LIVE connection calls
➔ Masterclasses taught by expert branders, top speakers and podcasters, bestselling authors and elite coaches & practitioners
➔ One on one Coaching with Amberly
➔ Access to Amberly’s playbook
➔ Access to Amberly’s little black book of successful entrepreneurs
➔ Private girl gang group
➔ Access to ALL in person events


➔ Insight into where your business is today
➔ Next steps to take your business where you want it to go
➔ An actionable plan to scale your business
➔ Become the CEO of your life
➔ UNSTOPPABLE momentum to keep driving business forward ????


➔ Time to shine on a prestigious stage and share your message in front of a lively audience
➔ Beautifully edited video assets to share on your social from your presentation
➔ Stage shots of you looking like a rockstar to catapult your speaking career
➔ Exclusive opportunity to be featured on a Top 1% podcast to expand your influence

Here’s What To Do Next…

Once you fill out the application below, we’ll set up a 30-minute “Business Evaluation Call” with you so that I can learn more about you and your big goals, and see if sitting in on the upcoming UNSTOPPABLE Life Mastermind is right for you.

If we decide that this mastermind is a good fit for you then we’ll process your application and you get access to the mastermind, add you to our Private Facebook group, and give you all the information to come out to our upcoming meeting.

So fill out the application below because it is first come, first serve and there are only 15 spots available.

And once you fill out the application we’ll reach out to you and set up your 30 minute Business Evaluation call.

Looking forward to meeting you in person at our first meetup where you will be up close and personally learn from successful entrepreneurs like Bedros Keuilian, Kathryn Gordon, Dr Alok Trivedi, Ken Joslin, Lou Diamond , Cary Jack, Rebecca Zung, Dr. Greg Reid, Lindsay Swartz and so many more…

Amberly Lago

When Do We Meet?

10am CT

We meet virtually every 1st and 3rd Thursday on Zoom

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April 19-20

Dallas, TX: Keynote Speaker To be announced!

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